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What’s in my bag · travel edition

Sooner or later everyone face that fateful moment before a trip where you ask yourself What do I bring?

Even on this thing I am a bit organized and a bit manic, I need to have everything for any kind of situation and/or event. Becoming a mule. But hey, I have all I and the entire world need!

Let’s start by saying that I usually carry a suitcase, a backpack and a bag. In the suitcase I put clothes, underwear, socks and my beauty case. The backpack contains the PC, various chargers, a bottle of water, some medicine, my make-up bag, the Canon and some other things I need for that particular trip.

Now. Let’s talk about my adventure companion, my bag. I have to say that the passion of handbags has just begun. Lately my favorite one is Liu Jo Anna, of a color that sometimes looks like pink and sometimes like lilac, but it goes with everything. I did not think it could be so capacious, and instead!


Here’s what’s in my bag – travel edition:

Wallet: strictly co-ordinated with the bag (this is not true, just for this bag that was a gift ahah)

iPhone, of course. Traveling, the safest place is the bag, because for me, putting it in the pocket it’s a risk of losing it somewhere (yes, I’m a really clumsy)!

Headphones: never disconnected from the phone, listening to music while traveling for me is a must. Without it I can’t relax!

iPad: Especially in longer trips, it is always present.

Home keys: in the hidden pocket of the bag, so I can not risk to lose them (arousing my mother’s fury).

USB Stick: As a graphic designer, I recognize the vital importance of having a usb in your travels.

Nail file: did you know that I just stopped eating my nails? It’s really hard to take care of them, because they are very fragile and break easily, so for me a nail file is really indispensable!

Nail polish: Let’s say it’s the same as above! Without it my nails are too weak (let me know if you want a post about it!).

Lighter: no, I do not smoke! But a lighter can always be useful.

• Some tissues.

Hand sanitizing: Especially when traveling on public transport, a drop of hygienic and you feel better immediately. Right now I’m using the Black Vanilla by Mercy Handy. I swear to you, it’s the best I’ve ever tried!

Pencil case: I can do it without it. It contains my pen, a pencil and some colored pencils. You do not realize the importance of having a pen until you need it and you do not have it with you!

Notebook: always goes in pairs with the pencil case. Especially since I opened the blog I  need (and desire) to write ideas, thoughts and full post. When you travel is the best time to write!

Post-it: I’m a maniac also in this, there is nothing else to say.

Lipstick and / or gloss: my makeup case is in the backpack, on this bag I like to have only these two products, to make a quick touch-up.

Glasses case: I need to have my glasses behind, and I need the case to not destroy them.

Patches: I reveal you something else about me, I’m afraid of blood. I need to stop the blood immediately, so they’re really important to me!

Banana: I am often hungry and I try to always have a fruit or snack bar. Today I had a banana, practical and very good.

And this is it! Maybe it is too much, maybe it is too little, but that is what I like to put on my bag before a trip.

And what do you like to have? Let me know in the comments!


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Born in Genova, Italy, 22 yo, passionate about visual communication, make-up and travels. I created Valeria & Co. to share all my passions with you.

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