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Wear flowers on your face! Zuii Organic

Good morning sweetness!
How are you? It is my great pleasure to present you a very special brand that concentrates its production on cosmetics based on floral ingredients … Yes, you understand well, we talk about flowers!

Zuii Organic is an Australian brand that understand the essence of nature by creating certified and natural products that are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals. Their products contain 95% certified organic ingredients and the remaining 5% of ingredients from a natural origin. They does not contain silicone, parabens or talc. All powder products are made using genuine petals of rose, jasmine and chamomile.


Rose contains vitamin C and is renowned for healing properties of treating scar tissue, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin blemishes and hyper pigmentation: it soothes, hydrates and protects the skin. Jasmine helps repair scar tissue and has soothing properties. Chamomile is known to be one of the oldest medicinal plants with healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is great for sensitive skin.

Here you can find the list of the main natural ingredients.

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Le certificazioni di Zuii Organic

This brand impressed me so much guys and that’s why I decided to use this collaboration differently than usual. Being Australian, I thought it might be very useful to have a general look to more products, so you can choose colors with more reference. For this reason, I chose only samples, to show you all the swatches.

At this link you can find the skin shades that Zuii products cover and a guide to make the best of their tricks.

Which product did I choose to review?

· Petal pout sample pack
Cost: $19.95
Eighteen shades of creamy lipsticks, reinforced with jojoba and sunflower oil. They contain vitamin A and E, to protect and moisturize lips, aloe vera, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and calcium. Samples contain a small amount of products, for two or three applications, but as I told you I chose it just to test the colors!

· Four blush samples, three Diamond Sparkle (peach, blossom, raspberry) and one Flora Blush (nector).
· Four samples of Flora eyeshadows (raisin, flame, chestnut, rose mist).
· A sample of liquid foundation (natural medium).

Let’s start with the swatches!


Keep in mind that since the samples are in small quantities, the intensity is slightly lighter. This is just an indication to choose your favorite colors!


The colors are very creamy, the sheer ones are really bright! Perhaps the only less homogeneous is cranberry, but it might be because I have only a sample. I like all of them a lot, but my favorites (which I will probably buy) are: mandarin, sheer peach and primrose (my absolute favorite!).
Which do you like the most?

Do we have to talk about it? How wonderful are they? As I have already said, powder products are made with flower petals, and the result is spectacular. They are super pigmented, easily blendable and ultra bright. The Diamond Sparkle, which emanates pure light, can also be used as highlighters (in fact, I think I will use them mainly so!), while the Flora ones are the perfect blush. In short, there are so many blush that I have to try them all!

Can you guess my favorite? I’m so predictable. Yes, right. ROSE MIST, gosh! They are all super pigmented and blendable.

The foundation was slightly dark and pink for my skin tone, but I like it anyway. If you are interested in it, Zuii gives you the chance to find the colors that best fit you, you only have to just send a photo of you. Have a look here!

If you follow me on Instagram, I gave you a taste of these products, do not forget to follow me there too! You will find news and previews 🙂

I have to say that these products really hit me: super pigmented and high performance colors, without the use of synthetic and harmful ingredients. For me, Zuii was a pleasant surprise, I thank the company a lot for this opportunity! I am very curious to try all their products and all their nuances.

Did you already know this brand? What do you think?
What is your favorite color of the products I showed you?
Let me know in the comments,

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