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#Superfruits for super hair!

The Garnier Fructis line is renewed, adding a touch of superfruit for super hair! A paraben-free formulation, enriched with a concentrate of fortifying fruits. Power to nature!

First of all, I want to talk about a very important change, the packaging! The new bottles are 100% recyclable, produced in sustainable establishments and contain the 25% of recycled plastic. We’re going in the right direction, right? Moreover, we want to talk about the graphics? I really like it, it gives to the fruits the right importance, with bright colors and illustrations to exalt the product.


But which are the #superfruits suitable for your hair? The range is really large, there are products suitable for every type of hair. Let’s see them together!

Finally there is the version I could try, OIL REPAIR 3, suitable for dry hair. I have tried the Fortifying Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner and Oil-without-rinse. These three products combine 3-glyceride, known for its softening properties, with the benefits of the three extraordinary oils: olive, avocado and karité.


In particular, it gives particular importance to the avocado, a fruit that I personally love to eat (how good is it?!), and to use to create masks and beauty treatments.

I’ve been using these products for a few weeks and I really like them. The scent is really pleasing and it persists on the hair, which, from the first use, is softer and brighter. The conditioner does not make the hair heavy, it is really light and you need a small amount of it to soften the hair. The product that impressed me the most is the oil: you have to use it on wet or dry hair before drying, or during the day, to make your hair softer and exalting their light. My hair is medium-long and I usually use two splashes. One of the problems with oils is that the hair is generally always greasy, even if just washed. This oil does not oil them, it is really light and it does its duty! I recommend you to try it, especially if you have unruly hair like me. 😉

What do you think of this new line?
Which variants do you prefer? I am very curious to try also the versions that use the power of coconut, another fantastic fruit!
Let me know in the comments!
See you soon,

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