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Labo Suisse Luxury Collection | Review

Good morning sweetness!
How is your summer going? Also this summer is going too fast and I still have not gone on holiday! D: Are you already gone? Where have you been / will you be?

Today I would like to talk about a collaboration that started some time ago, which allowed me to test really special make-up products. I’m talking about the Luxury Collection of Labo Suisse, a Swiss brand (which also produces in Italy), which since 1989 produces special and innovative cosmetics. The main products are divided into four types: Fillerina, Crescina, Cellulitina/Snellina and Make-up, but there are many other products, dedicated to different purposes and with different functions. Thanks to the company’s availability and kindness I was able to choose three products from the brand new Luxury collection. What I chose? Yes, Make-up!
The only negative thing I feel about Labo is the lack of swatches and more explicative photographs of the products, it is not always easy to understand the right tonality.


I was really curious to try this collection, because the products are really different from others. They are not “simple” make-up products, but their formulas have been enriched with the complex of 6 hyaluronic acids of the Fillerina patent with different molecular weights, giving vitality to the skin, moisturizing and fighting the effects of time (those wrinkles that we do not like!). All products are hypoallergenic, tested nickel-chromium-cobalt.

The key word in this collection is: elegance. The packaging is really beautiful and precious, with gold details that stand out on fuchsia, the dominant color of the entire collection. But let’s go and see the three products together.



Available in two colors (31 Light to Medium – 32 Medium to dark), this palette contains three products for facial contouring: two bronzer and a blush.

Cost: 39,00 euros
Quantity: 16,5 gr
PAO: 12 months from the opening

I have to say that the size of this palette is really remarkable, it contains a great quantity of product, which is a detail to not underestimate! Plus, the huge mirror is really useful and beautiful.


All the three powders are very light, they are not dusty and despite being not too pigmented (especially the bronzer) they are stratifiable. The blush is a bright pink with micro-glitter in the light, as you can see, it creates a really beautiful golden light! Unlike the blush, the bronzers are matte. The colors are not the proper ones for my skin tone, the light one is too dark to highlight, and the dark one is too dark: I like to use them together, so I can create the right tone to sculpt my face! I tried to use them also as eyeshadows and I really liked them.



It is available in four colors (201 Amber – 202 Yellow Sapphire – 203 Topaz – 204 Amethyst), inspired by the precious stones, I have chosen the 202.


Cost: 21,00 euros ca
Quantity: 3.5 ml
PAO: 6 months after opening

Guys, this eyeshadow is a bomb! A gold with amber reflections, super bright and, as the name suggests, creamy and pigmented, so soft that it looks almost like a mousse. I absolutely have to try the other colors!



It is available in four colors (111 Pink Quartz – 112 Tourmaline – 113 Coral – 114 Imperial Topaz), I have chosen color 112.

rosssetto swatch

Cost: 23,00 euros ca
Quantity: 7 ml
PAO: 24 months after opening

The small applicator makes the application easy, the color is pigmented since the first layer. The texture is soft and creamy also in this case, it is neither matte nor shiny, a middle way. It does not dry completely and is not no-transfer. It does not last long, you have to reapply it during the day, but it does not weigh your lips. Perhaps because lips are more sensitive, but is the product in which I have noticed the “filler” effect of the hyaluronic acid, it makes the lips softer and smoother.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised by the Luxury Collection products, they are quality products, with beautiful and elegant packaging and with a great performance. My skin is young and the effect is light, but as I always tell you, you must start at a young age with the prevention of aging skin!

Did you know Labo Suisse? Have you ever tried some of their products?
Can you tell me your experience with Crescina and Fillerina?
Let me know in the comments!
A kiss,

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