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Hello everyone, how are you? What if we talk about jewels? Just a few days ago I received new pieces for my collection, but we will discuss this later. For a year now, I’ve started using more and more accessories and especially jewellery in my looks, and this is pretty strange to me because I used to avoid jewellery! During my adolescence, because of all the psychological complexes of this age, I always preferred clothes and (if needed) accessories that would make me unnoticed. In short, I seemed a little boy, perhaps more like a defense mechanism than as a sincere personal attitude. Did it happen to you too? Do not tell me I’m the only one!

The kind of jewelery I prefer are the necklaces 😍 although I love the earrings, but alas in adolescence I expanded my left lobe (I do not regret anything 😝) and now that I do not like to wear the dilator it is not always easy to wear earrings, if they are very small I could lose them around! Maybe one day I will decide to close it..


In short, I have recently rediscovered and revalued jewels as a tool for perfecting a look, even though I think the most beautiful ones are those to which we attach a memory, affection or any sentimental value. The jewelry I love the most are in fact a pair of earrings my boyfriend gave me for my degree and a ring that belonged to my mom <3

The new arrivals I mentioned at the beginning of the post are made by Ingnell Jewelery, a Swedish brand that kindly sent me the items below.

Marika Gold earrings and bracelet


Price: 45€ – 55€
I would not say they are my style, but I wanted to dare a little and I have to admit I,m satisfied, the earrings and bracelet combo is really stylish and chic, gold gives it importance so I prefer not to add more jewels to my outfit when I wear them both!

Milla Steel Necklace


Price: 55€
With this I went back into my canons, single and essential pendant (definitely my style!) But with this wonderful pearl effect 😍

Apart from personal tastes, I can tell you that the jewels are made of stainless steel (plated for Gold and Rose Gold) and are really well done, they do not look cheap like many other jewels that are online, so if you are looking for a mid-budget jewel I suggest you to have a look at their website.

Finally I leave you some tips by Ingnell Jewellry about how to take care of your jewels!

• Remove your jewelery during exercise and exercise, shower and bath, prolonged sun exposure and similar situations.
• Avoid contact with chemicals such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, hands and body lotions, perfumes, solvents, etc.
• If you do not use your jewel, keep it in the original box or in a cloth bag.

Let me know what jewelery you like (or do not like) to use, what memories you have with them and whether you like the ones I chose! Hope this article was helpful and interesting, see you soon! <3Senza titolo-2-01-01-01

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