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A design toothbrush for your bathroom

Hello everyone! How i your summer going? In mine the sea is still missing, but fortunately the holidays are coming! Today I’m talking about a brand that touched the designer who is in me: Bruzzoni.

Although the name sounds familiar to the Italians, it is a Swedish brand that has focused on an Italian design. You must know that the Italian design has been and is still renowned all over the world. Bruzzoni therefore wanted to combine Italian style with Swedish technology to shape the Wall Street Collection, a perfect line of electric toothbrushes for design lovers.

Sober, elegant and modern, if you are a design addicted as I am you will no longer look at your toothbrush the same way! I believe that our lives are heavily influenced by the places we live in, our homes are probably the area we spend most of our time in and that’s why it’s important that they are really “ours.” I have always loved organizing the spaces, furnishing my room and enriching it with (few) items chosen to make it more and more personal. Our house or room, big or small, must let us feel at home and make us feel good, so it is very important to pay attention even at the smallest details inside it. As it may seem trivial, a design toothbrush can greatly contribute to the furnishing of a bathroom, especially if our goal is a minimal and refined mood.

I have chosen the deep black version, I find it more elegant, even if less essential than the white version. The design is far better than ordinary electric toothbrushes, on the handle there is a soft texture that acts as a grip, the rose gold details on the start button and head attachment give an extremely refined touch to the product and a small LED light indicates battery status.

The head is soft, Bruzzoni opted for this option as harder bristles could ruin the tooth enamel, in any case I’m not a dentist, so I can not give you opinions about that. Bristles are available in various colors, useful if you share your toothbrush with other people.

The charging base uses the induction technology and makes the product even more refined and essential, to reload the toothbrush it will be enough to put it over it et voilà!

Finally, the charging cable is usb so you can connect it to any source (such as a computer) if there are no electrical outlets.

In recent years I have always used electric toothbrushes and I found it quite okay, cleaning is definitely deeper than the manual ones. I’ve been using Bruzzoni’s brush for about a week and the differences I felt immediately were the bristle gentleness (my previous one is harder) and the toughness of the toothbrush, which results in a more uniform toothbrush movement without any annoying vibrations. If you have not tried an electric toothbrush I strongly recommend doing it, there are all kinds, from the cheapest (30-50 €) to the most performing (up to 300 €), that of Bruzzoni starts from 148 €, it is placed therefore in an average price range, with the added value of having a much better design than even the most expensive electric toothbrushes. Also, I am happy to be able to share with you a discount code that will save you 25% on your purchase on Bruzzoni’s new Italian website: li25%. In short, if you have never tried an electric toothbrush, start with a cheap one, to see how feel, otherwise, if you already use it and want to give a classy touch to your bath, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this toothbrush.

Here are the details of Bruzzoni’s toothbrush, if you would like to consult them:

Oscillating speed: 8000 rpm Battery: 2 × 1,2V
Batteries 3/5 AA 600 mAH NI-MH Time of use: 40 minutes
Battery Time: A full battery charge takes about 10 days when used twice a day
Charging time: 16 hours the first charge, 12 hours the next
Noise level: Less than 60 dB at 91 cm distance
Volt: USB 5VDC 1A LED Indicator: ON / OFF, during charging and low battery, the indicator assumes a plurality of colors
Timer: Quad timer for 2 minutes before automatic shutdown

I am very happy to collaborate with this brand, in autumn I will probably move (again) to Milan and an electric toothbrush as this will be perfect for my bathroom, I can remove it from my wish list! My next goal will be to find a cute make-up organizer to have a place to hold all my make-up products, do you have one? Can you suggest me? Anyway let me know what you think about this post, if you have ever heard of this brand, if you are a design addicted too, etc.
See you soon,

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