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Hello everyone! How are you? Summer is officially here and in Genoa it’s really hot, it’s a time when I’m trying to put order in my life, lately my commitments have overlapped until I lost my compass. So today I am here to write blogs’ posts in order to dilute my “to do list” over time. By the way, do you like my new blog? I’ve worked hard a lot this time, I hope you like the result!

Today, I’m talking about Dailygreatness, a brand that has a very special journal called “Dailygreatness Journal“. They kindly sent me their product, the version I received is called “A practical guide for consciously creating your days“.

It is a motivational journal that through a personal growth path wants to bring the users to improve their lives in all aspects. The interesting thing that differentiates it from a classic journal is the fact that this growth path consider not only the practical issues of life but also the mental and spiritual state of the person. In a nutshell, it is not a simple organizer to handle commitments, but through specific questions, it makes you reflect on the awareness of your sentimental, spiritual, emotional and social level. It wants to lead you to a general self-improvement.


Starting a Dailygreatness Journal will be a bit like talking to your own conscience!

Greatness is a state of mind and cultivating that state takes daily practice.

The year is divided into four quarters and at the end of each one you will have to pull the sums of what you have learned, how we have changed, what you still need to improve to achieve our ideal of perfect life.


Health and Body, Emotional, Spiritual and Personal Growth, Relationships, Fun and Socializing, Family and Friends, Work and Career, Money and Finance, Community and Altruism are all aspects of life that Dailygreatness wants to help you improve.

I’ve started my Journal a couple of weeks ago and I’m starting to get used to it, I’ve never had a regular journal until now, but I’m going pretty well with this. It is been helping me a lot to handle the chaos of this period, lately I really have too many things in my head and sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed. As I was saying in the introduction, I’m slowly getting things in order and sooner or later I’ll manage everything, I’ll keep you update!

Speaking of the product itself, I did not find any defects, I love the graphics a lot, it’s clear and readable (in English!). The agenda is big, the size is about 20x25cm, it’s well hardcovered and on the semirigid cover there are some embossed prints made very well! The price goes from £34.95 to £39.95 (excluding the shipping costs), but in my opinion it is a reasonably price.



I thank infinitely Dailygreatness, they were really kind to me and they also gave me the opportunity to host a giveaway on instagram (if you want to follow me find me as @valeria.salari!). I was very happy to give to three of you the opportunity to win a Dailygreatness Journal! If you want to take a look at the site you can find it here! There are a lot of themed agendas: Wellness Journal, Parents Journal, Business Planner, Yoga Journal and Training Journal. I wish to have them all!

How do you organize your life? Do you have a journal or do you live day by day?
Did you know Dailygratness? Let me know your comments!
See you soon,

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