Hello! My name is Valeria and I am twenty-two years old.
I’m a visual designer, aspiring art director.

I was born in Genoa, but for some years I lived in several cities.
Genoa, Milan and Cesena. In Genoa I was born and raised. In Milan I graduated in Graphic Design at the European Design Institute, and I found love. In Cesena I found my second family.

I love simplicity and smiles. I love photography, nature and food. The latter maybe a bit too much. I love to organize, but alas I’m a clumsy person, I break (at least) one thing a week, always hoping that thing is not a pot of my mother. I’m a dreamer and I love music. In me there is a constant desire to travel, discover new places, immerse myself in new cultures and make new experiences. I love and I study English, with the intention of knowing it better and making it my second language. I have decided to create a bilingual blog as you can see, creating both the Italian version, the main one, and the English version, so that I can connect with the whole world and improve myself.

I have a beautiful puppy, Sky. It is my smile since 2007, and you’ll often find so many photos of him (which is also super-photogenic and has been my “model” ever since I started cultivating my passion for photography).


What is Valeria & Co?

This blog is born out of the will to share my passions with the world. After numerous experiments on the various social networks, I decided, together with my partner, to create a space in which to tell something about me and my life, a space where I can communicate and confront myself with people with my own interests. My goal is to gather in this space a passionate community with whom to create positive and interesting projects and discussions on blog topics: lifestyle, beauty and make-up, travel and experiences, food and fitness!