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A lipstick to lighten!

Good morning sweetness! This Sunday, here in Genoa, the sky is super gray, but it’s so hot! As always, as I say “today we go to the sea!” it comes the bad weather or even thunderstorms. Is it possible?

To give some light to this day, I want to write a review about the new Kiko Milano Metal lipstick that you can find in the store or on their site. They are lipstick with a metallic-pearl finish that caught my attention in the store.

They cost 5.95 euros, but right now the site is discounted (by 30%) to 4.15 euros.
The product contains 3.5 grams and since opening lasts 12 months. Made in Italy!

There are twelve nuances:

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 11.08.51
Credits: Kiko Milano

They are all really nice, but the most special in my opinion is number 01, Sparkling Ice, which I actually bought. But let’s start from the packaging: the outer packaging is the classic one, black cardboard with white texts, simple but effective. Inside we find the lipstick pack, a glossy black cylinder.

Lipstick inside is something amazing: an ice-filled glitter!

It is very soft, the texture is creamy and it is pigmented. I was afraid it was one of those glittered lipsticks in which the glitters are heavy and you can feel them a lot, but I was wrong! It is comfortable and the glitters are almost imperceptible. On the site there is written that it can also be used in combo with Glitter Loose. 

I decided to buy this color because I thought about its various uses, let’s see them together!

It can be used alone, for a glacial and bright look:

IMG_7018 copia

It can be used above another lipstick to give it a metallic and super sparkly look, vaguely similar to the Diamond Crusher style:

Above I applied only Twig (Mac), while below I also applied Metal lipstick

Why not? Even as highlighter! However, it is a lipstick, so you’ll have a sort of wet effect. You have to work it a little bit and be careful to not to overdo it:


What do you think? Do you like this effect on the lips? I really like it, as you know I love glitter and highlighters! Have you tried some other nuances of the collection? What color would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!
A kiss,

Senza titolo-2-01-01-01

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